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LaGee Resine Super NC Drinker, Green


In stock

The Resine Super NC Drinker is a robust and great quality drinker, although the overall dimensions are similar to others the capacity is double at 4ltrs due to the ergonomic shape. The 15l/minute fast fill float valbe system and bowl are manfactured in the EU. The drinker is fitterd with a proper poly screw plug (code 6135) for cleaning. The valve system is fitted with a steel cocer which is bolted into the casing, thus ensuring that it can be removed easily without damaging the bowl. The valve incorporates an adjuster screw for different water pressures to a max of 4bar and a cut-off lever for turning off the drinker for extended periods. 

L: 33cm, W: 25.5cm, H: 22.5cm

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