Hestevard Door to Door Programme

    Free delivery of Hestevard supplements to vet clients during lockdown to UK mainland addresses 2 day service.

VX100 Bandages

    made in USA

    Premium quality natural latex
    elastic cohesive bandage tape

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Supplying trusted brands

This website offers an insight into the huge range of products brought to the market by Vestaplas.

In particular you will see full details of the Hestevard range of nutraceutical products, ideally suited to equine, small animal and farm animal practices.

Furthermore we’d specially like to draw your attention to the Vetrol Medical range of premium quality veterinary consumables, The Santil Solutions cleansing and disinfecting solutions, and the Akker range of anthelmintics and pharmaceuticals. Each of these brands has specific USP’s which demonstrate the slogan we live by: Creative Success.

Hestevard Akker Steri7 Vetrol santil