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Hospital Gamgee (with gauze cover)

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Original Gamgee has the once-familiar gauze cover, and is preferred by some trainers and stud grooms. it is a thick high quality cotton surrounded by a traditional gauze cover... Read more

Original style Gamgee is a highly absorbent, thick cotton wool surrounded by two layers of absorbent gauze. Original style Gamgee is designed as a to help guard a wound from infection and absorb excess fluids. It is widely used for for surgical wounds; The Gauze used to enclose the cotton wool is a loosely weaved translucent fabric which provides structural integrity to the cotton wool. Because of a loose open weave the gauze remains highly absorbent allowing fluids to tack through the Gamgee into the cotton wool.

  • Soft cotton wool layer and traditional cotton gauze cover
  • Highly absorbent secondary wound dressing
  • Provides padding and protection to minimise wound trauma
  • Ideal for general swabbing
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