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Ovitone 250ml

In stock
This product vitamin & mineral drench for lambs... Read more

This product mineral drench contains nutrients to support activity & appetite, colostrum intake, immunity and growth in the newborn lamb


Supplements essential vitamins and minerals to lambs to support:



Gut Health


Use immediately after birth:

As a support for growth and gut immunity

As a support for sick or weak lambs



Moisture 78%, Crude Ash 1.5%,Crude Protein 1.9%, Crude Oil 3%,Crude Fibre 0.1%, Sodium 0%



Glycerine, Rosemary and Garlic

Additives per ltr

Ascorbic Acid E300 - 106mg

tocopherol 3a700 - 1875mg

Vitamin D3 - E671 - 75,000iu

Vitamin A - E672 - 337,500iu

menadione - 50mg

Biotin - 50mg

Folic Acid - 25mg

Thiamine - 1250mg

Ribolflavin - 250mg

Cyanocobalamin - 2,000mcg

Calcium-D-Patothenate - 250mg

Nicotine Acid - 1250mcg


Trace Elements

Cobaltous sulphate E3 - 47.6mg

Sodium Selenite E8 - 8.2mg

Potasium Iodine E2 - 73.5mg

Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate E5 - 3,621mg

Iron chelate of glycine hydrates E1 - 1,168mg


Instructions for Proper Use

Lambs under 12kg

6ml (repeat after 5 days if necessary)


Lambs over 12kg

10ml (repeat after 5 days if necessary)

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