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Ovitility-SR 2.5ltr

In stock
This product is a feed supplement designed to support improved fertility and performance in ewes and lambs. Use when flushing, 3-4 weeks before letting out the ram before lambing.... Read more

This product is a feed supplement to support fertility in sheep, both rams and ewes. It can be used in most periods including 3-4 weeks prior to lambing or mating, 3 weeks after birth, when drenching for parasites, or after veterinary treatment.



Moisture 72.8%, Crude Protein 1%, Crude Ash 1%, Crude Fibre 1%, Crude Oil 5%, Sodium 0%



Potassium 0%, Glycerol 2%



Crude Protein 0.3%, Crude Ash 5.2%, Crude Fibre 0.1%,Oil & Fat 0.02%, Moisture 75%, Sodium 0.4%


Additives per ltr

Ascorbic Acid E300 - 850mg

Vitamin E 3a700 - 52,5000mg

Vitamin D3 - E671 - 400,000iu

Vitamin A - E672 - 1,350,000iu

Vitamin B Thiamine Hydrchloride - 3,500mg

Riboflavin - 1,500mg

Cyanocobalamin - 12,500mcg

Menadione - 264mg

Calcium Pantothenate - 1,250mg

Nicotine Acid - 3,500mg

Folic Acid - 127mg

Biotin - 40,000mcg -


Trace Elements

Selenium as sodium selenate - E8 -  65.7mg

Cobaltous sulphate hepahydrate E3 - 1619mg

Potasium Iodine E2 - 4412mg

Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate E5 - 28,972mg

Manganese chelate of glycine hydrates E5 - 12,500mg

Iron chelate of glycine hydrates E1 - 9,337mg


Instructions for Proper Use

Ewes - 10ml per adult ewe

Tups - 10ml 4 to 6 weeks prior to tupping

Lambs 10kg - 3ml

Lambs 20kg - 5ml

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