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LX57 Latex Wrist Gloves

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LX57 Premium gloves deliver outstanding performance in the critical areas of barrier protection, grip, comfort, sensitivity of touch, tactility and feel.... Read more

LX57 Premium glove is a very high quality latex glove, offering the ideal comfort, sensitivity, dexterity and grip, along with an extremely high microbiological barrier and a chemical resistance which is generally low. The advanced production process reduces free natural rubber latex proteins to an absolute minimum, though if you have a known latex allergy, we recommend you choose a nitrile glove.

LX57 gloves retain their integrity and resist tearing both when putting on and in use. The latex gloves are naturally more durable in use and less likely to rip on donning than vinyl gloves. The thicker the glove, the more durable - though sensitivity and dexterity reduce with increasing thickness.

The requirement for grip varies with the task being performed. For example, when manipulating a surgical instrument, a firm and reliable grip is critical. LX57 gloves provide an intermediate level of grip suitable for most tasks. Sensitivity & Tactility Sensitivity of touch is needed if handling small objects, holding delicate items, feeling for veins when inserting a cannula or taking blood applying creams or poultices, etc. Latex are the best gloves for sensitivity as they are very close fitting and very stretchy.

The more stretch a glove has, the better it will conform to your hand and the less effort it will take to move the hand and fingers - thus reducing hand fatigue and increasing both dexterity and comfort levels. Latex offers the highest stretch, dexterity and comfort. Latex gloves are quite tolerant as they stretch to fit the hand. Barrier Protection Medical examination gloves protect both the wearer and the patient against cross infection risk. Latex gloves have exceptionally high biological barrier characteristics. In addition, the more durable a glove, the less likely it is to tear- and a torn glove offers zero barrier protection.

Tearing occurs typically on putting on and in use. The LX57 gloves offer excellent performance against cuff tearing as they are very stretchy. Tearing can also occur in use - usually when the material is punctured or snagged. In particular, Note that long fingernails and rings can cause gloves to tear. Latex Allergy Risk Certain individuals may be sensitive to the proteins found in natural rubber latex. This can cause effects ranging from mild skin irritation to a severe allergic reaction known as a Type I natural rubber latex allergic reaction. This is caused when the latex proteins come into contact directly with the skin or mucous tissue, or alternatively when the proteins are carried in the air - usually attached to glove powder. Ease of Putting on Gloves can be difficult to putting on, particularly if the hands are wet or the glove is too small. The LX57 gloves are specially treated inside to ease the putting on process.

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