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Vetrol Mediban 5cm x 5 rolls

In stock

SKU: v3596

Vetrol Mediban-XL is an extra soft synthetic orthopedic padding. Excellent for use under long term bandages, e.g. tendon injuries or damaged ligaments. Mediban-XL is very useful as an additional protective layer between the wound dressing and the retaining cohesive bandage, such as VX100 or PW100.

  • Absorbs less moisture than cotton wool
  • Preventing pressure sores
  • Ideal for using under casting bandages
  • Highly conformable and soft
  • Easy to apply and comfortable for the patient
  • Strong but does not easily break
  • Tension can apply if required
  • Can be torn if required
  • Consistent quality of thickness
  • Providing a more even surface preventing ridge formation
  • Can be sterilised
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