Why BozMerix?

22nd September 2020

1. What is BozMerix?

BozMerix is a unique, revolutionary supplement for horses, designed to support the horses’ natural anti-oxidant systems. This is suitable for horses showing signs of stiffness, older horses, horses in competition and horses recovering from surgery.

2. Why should BozMerix be fed to my horse?

One of the challenges for all riders is the lack of products that are ‘kind to the gut’ whilst still maintaining orthopaedic comfort in their horses, which are often going through extreme pressure and endurance. BozMerix is the development of requests from these individuals, to produce a product that is Free From Prohibited Substances (FFPS) and with a scientific basis for ingredient inclusion.

3. Where can I buy BozMerix?

Hestevard BozMerix is available from your veterinary surgeon. If you are unsure whether the practices you use stock BozMerix you can reach out to us for support at www.hestevard.com

4. What situations is it best to feed BozMerix in?

BozMerix is an outstanding supportive product for all horses that are being ridden regularly, but it is particularly useful when added to the feed of horses:

  • Showing signs of stiffness
  • That are older
  • During periods of rehabilitation
  • During intense training and competition

5. I’m worried about feeding my horse too much sugar - is there anything else in BozMerix?

Good news! There are no sugars or fillers in BozMerix. It only consists of the 4 key ingredients - Curcuma Longa, ASU, Omega 3 and Boswellia Serrata. This means that BozMerix is suitable to feeding to your horse if it is on a low sugar diet.

6. What is the recommended feeding rate?

BozMerix is provided in a very easy-to-use sachet, making feeding easy for all age of rider! Feed 1 sachet per day, unless your horse is in intense exercise, competition or following surgery, in which situations you feed 2 sachets per day. You can also feed BozMerix as a long term supportive supplement at 1 sachet per day.

7. When should BozMerix be fed to my Horse?

BozMerix should be added to your daily morning feed. It can be fed with wet or dry feed and it is incredibly palatable.

The 4 key ingredients


Curcumin derives from Turmeric and has well documented anti–oxidant properties to support normal orthopaedic comfort.However standard Turmeric has very poor oral absorption, and a relatively low concentration of Curcumin which is the active component. The Curcuma Longa utilised in BozMerix has a guaranteed minimum 13.5% concentration of Curcumin, whereas standard Turmeric typically has just a 3% concentration. Studies comparing the Curcumin utilised in BozMerix, (complexed with a natural oligosaccharide which has a hydrophilic exterior), to a standardised unformulated Curcumin extract, showed improved bioavailability for the complexed material by a factor of 85 (Purpura et al).

Studies in Equines have shown that Curcumin has beneficial effects in maintaining normal articular function ( Farrinacci et al.); it has also been shown to have greater effect as a chain breaking antioxidant against ROS (reactive oxygen species ), than Vitamin C and Vitamin E (Sharma et al); while in the same concentrations Curcumin has about twice the anti-oxidative activity of the polyphenol Resveratrol (Aftab and Vieira)

Avocado/soybean unsaponifiable (ASU)

ASU is derived from natural oil extracts in the proportions Avocado one-third, and Soybean unsaponifiable two-thirds. It is the fraction of oil that does not form soap after hydrolysis, a complex mixture of different phytosterols which are rapidly incorporated into cells. Studies in equines have found that horses fed ASU maintained glycosaminoglycan levels better when compared to placebo, and that this assisted the maintenance of normal articular cartilage (Kawcak et al). Other in vivo studies support the activity of this material in preservation of cartilage (Khayyal et al).

Omega Powder concentrate (high in EPA and DHA)

Omega powders are very important in order to maintain structural integrity in the cell membrane, in addition to which they provide support for the maintenance of beneficial eicosanoids. Studies in equines have clearly demonstrated that supplementation with a fatty acid supplement high in EPA and DHA led to feeding level responsive increases in equine plasma concentrations (King et al). Omega 3 and Omega 6 EFA’s are metabolised to eicosanoids by two metabolic enzyme systems, and when released from cells compete
for these pathways (Carey and Daristotle). Omega 6 typically produce 2 and 4 series eicosanoids, while Omega 3 produces the 3 and 5 series, the former being proaggregatory, while the latter are less aggregatory. The Omega Powder in BozMerix contains principally Omega 3 EFA’s with a very high level of EPA
(18% minimum) and DHA (12% minimum). This has the capacity of shifting production to less aggregatory eicosanoids. Studies at Michigan State University have shown a longer trot stride length in horses with diets supplemented with EPA and DHA.

Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid metabolism


Boswellia serrata is a large branching tree grown in the dry mountainous regions of India, North Africa and the Middle East. Gum resin is tapped from the trunk and processed to enhance the Boswellic Acid content. In vitro studies have clearly demonstrated the antioxidant, and free radical scavenging activity of the feed additive, in a concentration dependant manner (Sharma et al). It appears to have a synergistic effect when combined with Curcumin, in a study where physical performance was assessed on subjects fed Curcumin/Boswellia combined, Boswellia only, and a negative control (Haroyan et al).




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