GoStow In-Vehicle Storage

1st November 2018

GoStow in-vehicle, veterinary storage is a purpose designed and built system for accessible, safe and secure storage of veterinary supplies and drugs.

Designed, developed and tested with Veterinarians out in the field to provide a solution for everyday Veterinary challenges, making it easier to comply with RCVS regulations and assisting Vets to focus on animal health.


• GoStow – Compliance
Greater control over compliance records
Drug Storage to fridge temperatures and lockable drawers

• GoStow – Safety
Secure Anchoring to ensure driver safety
Safety features to keep equipment secure whilst driving

flat go stow image• GoStow – Cost Saving
Makes it easier to manage stocks of drugs and supplies in the vehicle
Out of date drugs, vaccines and nutraceuticals no longer need to drain your profits

• GoStow – Professionalism
Enable's Veterinarians to focus on providing exceptional service in animal health


The Ultimate Veterinary storage system you shouldn't be without.....
  • Meet your legal storage legislation for effective, safe storage
  • Stylish and robust materials ensure durability in the field
  • Designed and manufactured in England
  • Integral LED Lighting for those dark mornings and evenings
  • Finance Options
  • Fits majority of vehicles with no damage to vehicle or permanent fixtures
  • Interlocking & stackable with multiple different configurable combinations
  • Option to incorporate a fridge to maintain correct temperatures for vaccines

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GoStow storage system meets the regulations for safe vaccine transport, storage and handling…


  • Safe vaccine storage and handling is essential and must be kept between 2 and 8°C and must not be allowed to freeze, when transporting they should always be kept in an insulated
    cooler. For those temperature-sensitive medicines, the inspector will expect to see the maximum and minimum temperatures monitored and recorded every day.
  • Most other medicines need to be stored below 25°C. The premises or vehicle where you store medicines is likely to fall below or exceed this at times, especially in a vehicle during
    summer or winter. GoStow have the solution, with a refrigerator module with a min/max temperature data logger with wifi download. This will allow you to keep temperature records in
    accordance with your legal requirements.

gostow how it works