Avian flu Update

17th January 2017

A flock of commercial turkeys has been confirmed to be infected with avian flu, at a farm in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire. A number of the birds have died as a result of the avian influenza strain H58N8, which arrived in Britain sometime last year. The rest of the flock will be humanely culled and a 3km protection zone will be in place around the area, a 10k surveillance zone will also be in place. These measures are taken to reduce the spread of the disease among wild birds and commercial flocks.

To reduce the risk of Avian Influenza being spread, a government body has announced that anyone who owns a flock of any size is required to house them (Keep them under cover) or separate them from wild birds. Gatherings of poultry is also banned across the United Kingdom; these precautions are in place until the 28 February 2017. To prevent the spread of bird flu keepers should be vigilant and look for signs of disease within their flock, practice good biosecurity and keep wild birds separate from their animals.