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Multi Weeda Ragwort Fork

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The ideal tool for dealing with ragwort around your yard and turnout paddocks.

The need for early action is essential because ragwort can very quickly become a problem - spreading easily from neighbouring properties too. The sooner you tackle removal of this long rooted, highly toxic weed, the easier it is to manage. It is vital that this weed is removed using a specialist tool such as the FynaLite Multi Weeda Ragwort fork. This is designed for lifting long root weeks out at the base of the root with the minimum amount of ground disruption. With Ragwort, it is key to remove all traces of the root as otherwise it with quickly re-establish.

This all-round weeding tool is suitable for field or garden use for all long root weeds including Ragwort, Thistle, Dandelions and Nettles.

Designed specifically to easily remove difficult & toxic weeds

Sharp prongs dig easily in the ground, perfect for hard or stony ground

Strong construction

Lightweight for everyday use

Removes the whole weed with minimal soil disturbance

No need to use harmful chemicals

Excellent value for money

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