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Vitalik-Bio in Fibre Tub 20kg


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High nutrient lick for horses with chelates.... Read more

High nutrient lick for horses with chelates

Complementary vitamin/mineral feedingstuff suitable for alltypes of horses, brood mares, both barren, in foal and lactating.Foals and yearlings will readily take to the block. No added complementary supplement should be fed without recourse to specific technical expert advice. Contained in a non-toxic,biodegradable fibre tub. Will naturally degrade during use.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONSPlace bucket out at pasture or indoors.

Remove fibre lid before use. Recommended feeding rate:100-150g per horse per day. 


Cane molasses, Sodium chloride, Di-calcium phosphate, Magnesium oxide, Calcium carbonate, Calcium oxide, Seaweed.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Sodium 8%, Calcium 10.0%, Phosphorus 2.0%, Magnesium 4.0%

TRACE ELEMENTS:Iodine 3b202(calcium iodate, anhydrous) 100mg Copper 3b405(copper(II)sulphate, pentahydrate) 1,900mg Copper 3b413(copper(II)chelate of glycinehydrate) 750mg Manganese 3b502(manganese(II) oxide) 1,250mgZinc 3b603(zinc oxide) 4,500mg Zinc 3b607(zinc chelate of glycine hydrate) 650mg Selenium 3b801(sodium selenite) 24mg


VITAMINS: A(3a672a) 375,000IUD3(3a671) 75,000IUE(3a700) 2,500IU (alpha tocopherol acetate)K 455mgK3(menadione) 100mgB1 175mgB6(3a831) 100mgB12 4mgBiotin(3a880) 5mgNiacin 570mgPyrodoxine(3a831) 82mgNicotinamide(3a315) 70mgThiamine 160mgCalcium Pantothenate(3a841) 250mgPantothenic acid 230mgFolic acid(3a316) 60mgRiboflavin(3a825i/3a825ii) 150mg


Store in a dry place in original container.

PRECAUTIONSFor animal use only. Do not exceed the recommended amount.This block contains a high level of copper - DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP. This block contains a high level of selenium; care should be exercised in known high selenium areas.

Feed Hygiene reg no: GB 249E0009 UFAS no 290.

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